The art piece at Davao Museum (Picture taken so early in the morning, Museum is still closed)

Let me show you an interesting piece of art in this side of town. I’ve long wanted to post this but it was only the other morning that I have a chance to visit Davao Museum.

This artwork is mounted at the entrance of the Davao Museum. This is sculpted by Ann Pamintuan and she called this TAPESTRY OF DIVERSITY, as the plate indicated she had this made on 10-10-2007.

This piece is made up of small strands of wrought iron, welded together to form a tapestry. I think this piece achieved its balance, how the artist organized the elements in putting up this piece. Looking at this piece from a distance, it truly depicts a pliant tapestry.

I love elaborate pieces and I was captivated by the shape, the texture, the form, the iron lines, the pattern, the space it occupies and moreso the value of this artwork in terms of its veiled meaning to the place where it represent.

I love this piece the first time I saw it. While it is also important what the artist means about the piece, to me what is more of significance is what the art piece influenced me.

This piece truly represented the socio-cultural set-up of Davao City, a diverse community, home to a number of ethnic groups, varied individualities, strong personal views, beliefs and customs, which I think each strand of iron represent, that were woven together like a tapestry that together we are one, we can achieve a beautiful drapery that pictures who we are. I’m just proudest I’m one those strands of iron (and just hope not the rusty one.).

I have taken some early morning shots of the piece and if you have a chance to visit Davao City, you can see this piece at Davao Museum. Enjoy!
The piece is about 15 feet high, mounted on a cemented platform

A closer look

A tapestry look-alike

A tapestry look-alike 2


  1. wow sarap mamasyal sa Davao coz of your blog.

  2. Thanks life ... kailangan mu talagang bumisita sa Davao .... hahahahah!

  3. Hi Vernz,that is really an interesting piece of artwork,pretty cool. Thanks for advertising on my blog, much appreciated. Salamat!


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