I used to work in a department store shortly after graduation, I was luckier at that time I did not land a job standing my day out in high heels in the selling area, but instead was hired as an advertising and promotions officer, the sad part was that after realizing I need to wander around the whole four story and every department in the selling area, I thought I was the unluckiest - it’s was more tiring than stationed in just one area smiling and standing the whole time.

Another sad part was that you have to tread around in heels, can’t do away with heels during that time, the owner was misogynist, and that after the days over, you can feel your whole flesh numb, tired and worn-out.

But I actually survived with some commercially yet medically approved body add-ons during that time, I always use compression stockings, it really helps reduce swelling, in fact it’s a very good support to lessen if not eliminate varicose veins.

I always have a heart for these ladies standing in the selling area because I know how it is to be standing there in heels, thus, during my time I actually proposed to the management to supply all these ladies with support hose, fortunately the management wasn’t blind and has taken into consideration the plight of their workers, so since then, the ladies got to wear jobst compression stockings and was loving it, besides the fact that it protects their legs from forged cold in the area.

And for those ladies out there who are into this kind of job or anybody who often wear high heels, getting yourself medical stockings really helps.

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