Where do you draw a line here?

For me there’s no need to draw a line anymore, this is a blatant act of ruthless destruction of properties set in the public. ‘I understand where you’re coming from boys’ I too hated them at some point and I love it when you said, I should believe in myself’ and that when there's no justice, there's no peace.. tumpak! but you know what, you made the right thought, but you’ve chosen a wrong medium to express it.’

'Sayang ang linis pa naman ng circuit box na yan, bagong install' Sigh!

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  1. hehehe nangasaba si teacher...pero bitaw oi..lami na kaayo na sa ila pamati ba nga na express nila ila gibati, pero wa lang sila kabalo nga gahugw-hugaw lang noon sila. Pulis ra diay ila kalaban, idamay pa ang buong bayan...hehe agi ko.

  2. haaaay!!! some are just so evil mommy vernz! was here for WW!

  3. minsan sa buhay ko ay mahilig din magsulat sa kung upuan, sa pader....noon iyon..

  4. very well said Maam Vernz! there are lotS and better ways to express feelings. bad pa naman ang nakasulat

    visiting from WW. my share is here

  5. Tsk Tsk! When will the young people learn the right way? I hate Vandalism, too, kay bisan diri sa among pamuyo, akong anak ako jud natudloan nga sa paper lang magsulat, not on anywhere else. Lol. It's so sad that vandalism is very much prevalent diha sa atoa jud. :(

    Visiting from WW. I'm flooded with whites this week! Sorry, I just had so much to share! Thanks if you've dropped by already, if not yet, I promise they won't bore you though! :)
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    Have a wonderful day! ;-)

  6. Ala kasing strict laws dyan satin about vandalism eh, dito naku you'l get fined or go to jail for that.

    Sensya na tVernz, supah busy lagi kaya di madalas makavisit.

  7. haha, agree, ganyang ang pinoy walang disiplina sa sariling bayan,pero sa ibang bansa, sila pa ang nagunguna sa ganyang advocacy

  8. kani laging mga artists...bisan asa mag himo jud ug lagim...ehehhee...naa man pod na dire te...pero d kau nuon.

  9. ouch.. that is really sad. too many people are venting their hatred the wrong way.. in the wrong places. nag sinumbagay na lang unta to sila. toinks! hahaha. thanks for joining us again this week vernz!!

  10. They don't know that what u did is a form of injustices or whatsoever LOL asa ang hustisya aning dapita wahhh Thanks for dropping by Vhernz

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  11. nyahaha, freedom na inabuso ika nga. Dropping by mommy vernz, I got your comment long time ago this week and I did the Facebook thing for ya. It's been a while yepers, I don't know, my life has been full of whirls lately...


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