We’re almost there, citizens of this country is set again to exercise suffrage come May 10 but somebody on this side of town is still undecided.

Whether to follow my heart ….. My mother used to tell me, you will never go wrong if you follow your heart, yeah right! My heart goes for Noynoy. They say, mother knows best, well, will my mother’s words be right this time.

Or to have a mind over matter, my father once told me, in coming up with decisions …. Your mind is created above your heart, so it’s your mind that matters most. In this case, my mind goes for Gibo. Will my father be right this time?

But on that day, it’s not my mother’s nor my father’s words …..But it’s my decision. Have you decided?

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  1. if i were there sis, i will vote for Gordon!

  2. I made a decision just last night while visiting my vote is for Noynoy sis Vernz...pero talagang nhihirapan akong pumili sa dalawang ito..

  3. It's hard to choose from so many Presidentiables. Here in the US, they only have two (sometimes 3 pag may independent).

    I pray that my countrymen will choose one who is honest and has good moral values. Intelligence alone is not the basis of a good leader.

  4. if i'm in the phils, maybe i go for noynoy. just hoping for an honest and peaceful elections.

  5. ayay..lisod mag predict kay wala ko diha nya dko ka nalang ko sa wisely nalang te...ehehehe....:)

    musta na te? sensya na karon lang ko nakabalik dire...busy ang weekend man jud....:)

    salamat sa dalaw ug sa comments ha...korek! transplanted nako tong mga buwak te...d man jud uso ang seedlings dire...mahal lagi ato diha kay pede ngayo saha...dire d pede...ehehehe!

  6. Hi Vernz, Gibo and Noynoy were my choices too. But the Ampatuan massacre did it for me, so now I am voting for Noynoy.

  7. Hello Vernz,
    Follow you heart's desire.

    I am all for Gibo though. I loved Cory, but I disliked Noynoy for trash talking with Manny Villar and vice versa. Another thing to consider was I've never heard Noynoy's voice at the senate.

    BTW, Thanks for the award! It was truly appreciated. I posted it HERE.

    My turn...
    I tagged you in a photo meme, check it out HERE

    Have a nice day Vernz!

  8. hello ate vernz, ako pud undecided pa pud ko and 1st time pud ni nako mag vote...

  9. let's pray for it ^^ at kung sino mang manalo eh suportahan pa rin natin through prayer..God blesses us with a great leader if we are for HIM at the first place...if i were to choose between them, I'd still go for Gibo because of his rich political background and his healthy family .. yun lang... ^^ bonus na ang sobrang talino niya...

  10. Gibo is an eloquent speaker but just like Noynoy, his stint in the House and DND are forgettable. Between the two, I would go for Noynoy, at least, Noynoy is not bragging as if he has the monopoly of "Galing at Talino."


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