This wall d├ęcor was given to me by a Maranao friend back in College. She was the wackiest-modern Maranao I ever knew; my partner in crime, we really had a good time then. It was her mother that assiduously sewed all these beads together to come-up with this intricately woven glass bead wall panel and handed it to me as a gift. 

The ‘okir’ bronze curving was made by his father… This kind of art was actually their means of living… The last information I knew was both of her parents died of old age and she’s already in Brunei.

I actually plan of giving this away, since I own quite a number of these… but I was hesitant thinking that it might not get any interest from bloggers to I let it sleep again in the pouch. So there, remembering someone through this piece of art.

See more rememberings at Nostalgic marveling.

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  1. Wow ate that's a very beautiful piece of art with lots of details. Nagkikita pa ba kayo ng friend mo till these days?

  2. very intricate. i have been interested in Maranao metalcraft and other handicrafts but i couldn't find a reliable contact in Mindanao.

  3. It's really beautiful that piece of art. Who knows, it may become an antique and sell really dear.

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  6. That is so pretty, wala akong dugo sa art at crafts kaya I always get amazed by things like this. Kaso lang, di ako mahilig mag decorate sa aking house. Para sa akin, the less decoration in my walls, the simpler sa mata. Tuloy ang house namin parang hubad, hehehe..

  7. nice piece of art that remind you of something. same with liz, yung wall ko, no decorations talaga, as in bare wall. pero naisip ko rin to put something in the wall.

  8. nah..kung imo na ipasa nako Vernz di jud ko mag duha duha ug dawat...ka nice ba ana oi...sige naman ko ug tan-aw anang mga native products nato kay dal-on lagi nako sa sweden, pero kanang dili mabuak....

    BTW. about do/no follow..ako Firefox adtong una kay naay toolbar na ma-identify nako kung kinsa to nga blog na do/no follow, pero pag update nako sa ako Firefox, nawala to sya...nice to sya kay adto ra ko mo comment sa do follow blog..hehe..karon ako toolbar kay ma-identify nako kung kinsa to nga blog nga high ang traffic ug may PR o wala.

    if gusto sad nimo nga sure ka nga do follow imo blog, click ra man ka below your post or settings ba to nga do follow imo blog..

    sa side actress..hehe ako cousin kay talent scount sa showbusiness oi, pero si Tita Angge and nag alok sa akoa kung gusto ba daw nako mo try ug extra sa TV...nag try ko then nagustuhan ng, gi pa work out ako manage si Tita Angge, sya na ang head sa mga Talent Scout. sideline ra to akoa kay naa man koy work jud...isa pa dili pwede sa akoa kay bawal man sa ako ang mag puyat..usually ang shooting or taping kay 24 hours man...walay tulogay...hehe

  9. And I guess your Maranao friend wouldn't want you to have that piece of art be given away :)

  10. I love its intricate details. Its a great piece of art work, and worth saving for memories.

  11. It looks antique, very impressive piece of art.

    My Nostalgia Here

  12. very nice and very creative!


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