Yes, was held here in Davao, on Sept 24-25 at the Insular Hotel grounds here. I’ve posted two viewpoints on this subject;



When I first knew this bird fair will be held in Davao, my children were delighted with excitement, they even marked the Sept. 25th x with a caption ‘saving this date for bird fair’. Ang totoo, hindi lang yung mga anak ko excited, pati na rin ako, lol.

Since Saturday mornings are spent to mama chores, they patiently waited until past 12 to finally head to Insular, kumain muna kami mahal kaya food dun, hahaha.

There were buses and buses of excursionists coming from all over Davao, but when we get to the main event area, we all got disappointed, there were only 10 live birds and the rest were photos, banners and leaflets. The kids were disappointed, pati na rin ako.  Sabi pa ng mga bata, so mom in the future there will be more of bird fairs minus the bird… I said maybe yes…

Actually the fair was primarily organized to raise awareness and conservation support from the stakeholders and that's us. There were hundreds of booth at the fair, mostly composed of Bird Clubs all over Asia, Cambodia, Burma, Hongkong, Taipei.. etc.

To know more of the importance of this bird fair and the bird itself, SEE HERE.
Feeling bored ladies at the reception
Actually, they're not part of the show, they're mainstays at the hotel.
The owl at the show
Because there were not much of birds, we watched a dance show instead
great venue to showcase bird captures
Framed exotic wild birds photos, sold as high as P2,500
Went home dissappointed

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  1. A good event to attend to but parang konti lang ang tao?

  2. this should be an eye-opener to those who captured birds for sale, some of them are on extinct stage already, this is not only birds but for other animals as well.

  3. Awww..sorry with what happened, but maybe because it's only on its 1st year, I'm sure the next event will be more organized and planned,Baka kinulang sa advertising at sa participants.

  4. baka nkawala un other birds, vernz, hihi. anyhow, ang important nalaman ng kids un importance ng birds sa ating ecosystem. happy monday.
    sali ka nman sa "meme" ko, pretty please...hehe namilit pa hanu

  5. for sure next time more people would be interested to participate...

  6. Awww...nakakalungkot nga ang ganyan. I guess it was difficult to bring all the birds kaya pictures na lang? Hehehe.

    My PixelBug Weekend post is up HERE. Have a great week ahead!

  7. sa waterfront ito girl? layo nga SM hehehe your kid is right but I hope there will still more birds in the future kawawa naman mga anak natin kung puro picture na lang makikita thanks for the visit girl

  8. Sorry that it did not meet your expectations.

    Happy Blue Monday, vernz!

  9. hehhehe... disappointed diay ang mag-ina...pero at least busog mo ni adto....hehehhee...salamat sa dalaw te...musta ang inyong weekend?

  10. the aim of the fair and of advocacy for conservation is to keep the birds in the wild, sa natural habitat nila kaya the birds on display are those that have been rescued. the bird photographers "capture" birds through their camera lenses and not to keep them caged... join some bird watching tours to see more birds in the wild! =)

  11. hi miss mo ako? nmiss kta friendship lol..dami ko asikaso e, busy din sa work pgod na pgdating bahay...thanks sa visit...

  12. Oh, that's sad :( Maybe next year they will have a better show.

    Thanks for dropping by my OWM post.

  13. reading ur post reminds me something, parang ganun din nangyari sa amin before, kaso lang butterfly sanctuary daw,na ang description sa amin, u see lots of butterfly, e pagdating namin, ngek, butterfly na nakaframe lang pala haa..tapus naglelecture, really disappointed kaming umuwi kasi we all expect na yung buhay na butterfly ang makikita na marami talaga.

  14. awww, I'm sure they were really disappointed.

    At least there were 10 ;-)


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