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As usual I did my weekend grocery shopping in this favorite mall of mine here, Gmall Davao. I love it here since parking is sheltered, accessible rain or shine, although I still worry about some incidents of ‘bukas kotse’, I make it sure not to leave valuables inside the car so burglars will not be enticed to yank on my car.

I was in luck I was found a parking near the ledge, I love it somewhere in this area security wise, since the natural light see through the cars glass and the guards can see it from afar. When I got out and checked around, I was stunned at first seeing this blue something on the wall hanging, I thought really it was somebody from afar, but when I zoomed my camera, it’s this dolphin that committed suicide, lol.

I asked the roaming guard what’s that thing about and he said, it’s from the toy department, it was accidentally soaked by a janitor’s pail full of water and they hang it there to dry up.

Haisst, so glad it wasn’t a homo, or I’ll really shout to death.

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  1. You got me there girl I thought it literally grr, how could a dolphin would commit suicide? wahhh lol

  2. I rushed away here just because I really want to see the PG of how a dolphin committed suicide and I see that blue cute dolphin hanging up there, I just can't stop laughing LoL

  3. Relief!

    Happy Blue Monday, Vernz! Check out my book giveaway.

  4. very funny vernz!! your title got me.. i was about to go emo :D lol

    thanks for making me smile. hihihi

  5. I am glad it was not a real dolphin. Cute idea for your post today.

  6. LOL! That's funny! Happy Blue Monday!

  7. haha nagulat ako sa title, kala ko tutuo and asking myself why the poor fellow did it. nyahahaha

  8. nyahahhaa...atot...thrilling man kau ang! makamuot man sad ta ug huna-huna...hehhehe....joker! good one te!

  9. waahhh... i'm scared of heights! poor dolphin, mukhang takot na takot, di na ata s'ya gumagalaw eh... lols!

    good one, sis!

  10. You did get my attention on your title! Have a Good Day! I hope everything going well in Davao!

  11. waaaaaa gottcha! got me..bueng..abi nako naa news na dolphin nag suicide...nya abi nako migawas sya sa tubig ug gi-bake iya sarili sa sun waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

    ka abtik ba jud sa mga mata oi...ako mulakaw ko gadala dala man sad ko ug cam, pero makalimot man ko ug pamiktyur oi nyahahaha

  12. Hahahaha kalokah ka ate Vernz lol. Great one!

  13. bwahahaha! nailad pud ko nimo ate dah! abi nako ug unsa najud ni ka serious.. toinkz! hehehe

    tuod ate katong imong gipadala, imo ra to gi air mail?


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