Genetically Modified Salmon, Anyone?

I was watching this channel online and this news report just awed me, I think this alteration in no different from manipulating the genetic make-up of the chicken, the soya, the corn, the whatever the scientists can think of playing God.

It just worries me, the scientists, the proponents will not tell you straight in your face that if you will eat this you will die, maybe not now but soonest … but what if these people junks this stuff here or let us say in a more economically sound way, exports this stuff to the Philippines, come-on we have lots of those Salmon in our grocery store’s frozen section, and if it joins with those, who knows where's the GM Salmon here, waaaahh, it’s my favorite. Maybe I can take pre-caution because half of my grocery time is spent reading labels, but what if it disguised as holy Salmon. Haist, given the security lax in this country, (sorry about this, I'm supposed to write good things about my country) and note this kindda thing is not this country’s priority, I won’t get shocked knowing it landed on my plate one of these days…

Watch this….. And see what you have to say…


  1. Ano ba yan, kahit ano ano na alng ang ginagawa ng tao hehehe.. would definitely avoid that.

  2. Rose yan kung labeled, what if its not labelled? sigh!

  3. I wrote an article on the canola escape. It may happen with the salmon too. Interestingly I listened to a lengthy interview with someone from the salmon company. They said they were very opposed to labeling the genetically modified salmon because labeling would kill sales. Duh.. that says it all, doesn't it?


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