Time has flown so fast, so fast that I did not even notice we’re now on the ‘ber’ months, roughly two months more and it’s another celebration of the Christmas season, days more and it’s another year.

More than the ordinary people waiting for this season to come, it’s also the merriest part of year for business people to take advantage of the peoples spending, buying of gifts for the loved ones, preparing table delights for the family and all of those things.

But of all the events of this season I love the handing out of gifts part, although my theme for this year is frugality, I’m thinking of worthwhile alternative. How about giving a personalized 2011 calendars? Say a family’s photo on the pages of the calendar isn’t that cool, personalized yet classy and inexpensive alternative to bulky, heavy and individualized wrapped ones. So long, I need to look for a site that offers 2011 promotional calendars.

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