Grabee! I missed blogging, after two days of being absent finally I get to update this blog. Still surviving with off line scheds though, I've been thinking how can motherhood and mothering keeps a woman grounded… grrr…! I’m complaining? Yes, only here in my blog, can’t say it either in front of my children.. I’m an epitome of an ideal mom to them ….. sigh!

Anyway, talking about surviving, is also talking about being brave … sharing some metaphors here, I took this when I accompanied my son to attend his classmate’s afternoon pool party at Emar’s wave pool here.

Sharing some thoughts also from a person I've gotten some of philosophies in life - Nelson Mandela, he said ..... I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave wo/man is not s/he who does not feel afraid, but s/he who conquers that fear.

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  1. missed you for 2 days, verns:-)

  2. the shape of the palm tree is very interesting.

  3. nice shots vernz, and, nice mandela quote,too:)

  4. gimingaw pud ko nimo ate oi! bantog ra nahilum pud akong favorite commentator sa akong blog.. busy dia u... hehehe!

  5. Nice shots and love also the Mandela's quote. Thanks for sharing.

  6. agoy g sunod man jud ang plane...ehehehe...dag-om man tawon ang kalibutan.


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