…. By Kayce…… I’m loaded with so much paper work at school, at times I can’t hardly get off my swivel that I pity much this food blog of mine, it’s always on a ‘post diet’ so to let it live longer I’m handing it to Kayce.

Table For Five, with url is now officially adopted, I’m excited what name will Kayce christen her new acquired blog, whatever that will be, please support the same as you have been supportive of it when it was still under my dashboard.

Kayce is also a proud owner of these two blogs, you know her well right?

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Wow!! Merry nga ang Christmas na Kayce! Yahoo!

  2. Im pretty sure kayce will take care and handle your kitchen. Super maalaga yata si mommy kayce at 3 lang blog so not so busy busyhan.

    Goodluck to Kayce.

    Maayong Pasko Maam Vernz

  3. weeeeeeeh! thanks for the introduction ate! hope ang imong mga beloved followers kaila pud tanan sa ako... walay lain pinaka kusgan... i mean kusog pud mukaun...nyahahahah!

    don't worry your blog will be in good gentle hands of mine... :)

    Merry Christmas once again ate! mwah!

  4. miss nako imong mga foodie pictorial tVernz....:)

    just like tsangshy sure sis kayce will manage to take care of your kitchen....hehehe!

  5. Wow!New addition pala kay sistah Kayce ang kusina mo--Goodluck to Kayce^_^

    Merry Christmas and a Blissful 2010 to you and your family,sistah Vernz!mwahness!


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