Omo! Looks like this man is escaping responsibility …

Nah, just me and my rumbling tummy, you know starvation begets hallucination, lol.
Yesterday I went as usual to spend my self-declared day off alone. Thing with time it passes like  wind, I barely noticed I used up an hour and half reading backcovers at the National Bookstore. I was craving for some transfat and triglycerides, I maybe was too early there weren’t fries patrons here yet, the crew ordered me to wait for 5 minutes to have my fries done, so I went to sit and flip some pages of my ‘The Sushi Economy’. I had not finished a line yet when a girl few tables across me, as you can see, cried as if she was beaten to death, apparently the father got up to take an order and left the child with the older brother. 

Sorry about this, but my wild imagination just flew here and there, omo! What if the fathers not coming back, just like the dramas and books that passed my mind, gosh! I maybe had too much, minutes later the father came back… Thank God, I’m settled. Just me and my paranoia of abandonment.

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  1. Magical yellows in there, Vernz. Too bad you had an abandonment attack. Glad the children were okay.
    The mural on the wall is wonderful, isn't it?
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Wahhh usahay pud ing ana ko just my wild imaginations then find out later it was only just my being paranoid hahaha!

  3. Ganda ng place ng McDo,it's nice to see it with different color than red. :)


  4. Mmmm Nice blog here....Your pic is kool.

    Thanks for leaving comments on my post. Keep visiting.

    Happy week ahead.


  5. everything's yellow here, so is the doting bro in yellow tee:)

  6. LOL i hope the French fries calmed you down. now i understand why kids cry when their parents are going somewhere.:p my sister had this issue, too, when we were kids. we thought she was just having a tantrum.

  7. Empty stomach can make you imagine wildly :)

    Great shots!

  8. Ganoon din ako wild imagination agad pag may scene na ganoon. Lots of yellow there. Great post.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  9. namimiss ko tuloy pinas, naremind sa akin ang pag malling namin family.

  10. Self-declared day-off! Heheh I was struck by this Vernz... Cute... Pahiram ng phrase mo ha... Pero hindi muna this week. :-)

  11. ang tsama mong magutom Vernz nyahahaha...oi nag day off diay ka ha...sayang, saon naa man gud si bloody red mary margarita...hahaha...baka next Sunday pwede Mcdoku-duko tah! (tama ba spelling ko) hahahaha.

  12. Wow, really Mellow Yellow! Happy Week ahead!

  13. Hehehehe I think you watched too many telenovela. Jokingly aside I had that experienced too makes me freaked out. Thanks for the visit!!

  14. That is the most yellow lunch room I have ever!

  15. Hahaha hallucinating na pala lol. Great shots ateV. Sensya na po at di ako nakapagbloghp for a couple of days, supah busy over here.. Daghang salamat sa paglabay ng malimit hehehe..

  16. Hunger and starvation can lead us to wild and crazy imaginations, indeed. hehehehe... Next time make sure not to starve yourself. hehehehehehe.. Love those yellow chairs.

    Adin B

  17. hhahaha...kuyaw diay ka ug malipasan ug kaon te no kay to the highest level ang imong hallucination...ehehhee...joke lang te! ma intriga jud ko sa imong posts...very creative kau ka...thanks for sharing...sensya na ulahi na sa linya....mwah!

  18. like your entry for mym, kapag gutom tlaga lahat n lang naiisip!

  19. Hahaha! Paranoid? Hungry? Or are you just bored to death? :)

    - Mama Mia


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