The eagle said proudly …

“Yes! And I demand you pay attention or you’ll be plucked for dinner in no time!”

“I’m cerebrally challenged right now, I’m damn stuck with my pc typing these assessment questions and had no time pumping up my rank in the adgitize leaderboard, and here still struggling for domestic emancipation and you’re just there staring at me, as if you know what I’m thinking about”

(silence … eagle looking intently, coldly)

“Woah … you’re so fast, you guessed it right” … said the eagle.

“Aren’t you gonna fly?” “Aren’t you afraid human’s gonna stew you?”

“Hoy! Baklang agila… wag mu akong pinag-loloko ng kaaga-aga dahil tatalupan talaga kita!”

“What’s the buzz so early in the morning, you’re venting your bad air to some pretty bird right here, I’m also fighting for my freedom you know” “I’ve been stuck here for years, forlorned, cuffed, suffered, endured, dressed up to look good for someone else’s sake. Aren’t we in the same boat?”

“Sorry about that, shouldn’t we drown ourselves together?”

“Hoy! Babae kung gusto mung mamatay ng walang ka-poise, poise, wag mu akong idamay, gusto ko pang kumawala sa pusas na to.”

“How are we going to do that?”

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  1. hahaha! enjoyed this post. Nice captures. Relax a bit Vernz.

  2. Wow....those piercing eyes!!! Marvelous photos.

    Sorry, I'm feeling a little bit crabby today...stop by and see why?!! LOL

  3. Terrific shots. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful photos, Vernz.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

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  6. Hahahah nabuang na si teacher lol... Hay salamat kahit masakit puson ko eh napatawa mo na naman ako ateV..

  7. nyahahahahaha...makiramdam ko kaw yong eagle na prisoner Vernz...hahahahaha...tagalan ng posas para makawala sa hawla ng buhay hahahaha

    2 Thumbs up Vernz!

  8. are one funny mommy! I enjoyed this post so much. Thanks for making me laugh this Monday morning! :)

    Mama Mia

  9. Ganda ng pagkakuha mo maam verns, parang alam ng subject mo na pang blogging ito ahh hehe

  10. hahhaha...bayot man diay!

  11. astig... sobrang suplado yata? haha thanks for sharing, Vernz. visit me at


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