Someone said: “Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men and women who kept on working.”

So do I, nothing much happening on this side of town except that I’m drowned with papers to check, nalibat nako sa kadaghan! And once in a while rest to gaze at this scene with hope and optimism for greater achievements in life.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by I sure will return the favor. Just let me know.

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  1. bahala ug malibat sa ka daghan ug papers basta naa gihapon opp sa SS lol

    lili ko vernz i fed ex na imong ma papers kay tabangan ta ka... anad ko ana

  2. nice shot of the sky Maam Vernz...pait jud basta work. Bisan unsa nga work kapoy jud..pero according to MommiLu ok ra basta naa opp sa SS hehehehe

  3. People keep working to reach goals....and that's the discipline because hard work and persistence produces great results. And that's true, people who have accomplished great things don't stop.

  4. nyahahaha...kahinumdum lang ko sa cousin nako sa Maynila nga tabangan nako ug check sa mga test papers kay nalibat na lagi daw sya ug check...ingon ko dah! nganong nag maestro hahahahaha

  5. haguy ka luoy ba sa akong Maam oi.. sige ate ipa-LBC nalang na imong papers diha kay tabangan pud tika... hehehe!

  6. hinay hinay lang...piyong lang kung kapoy na or pisbuk2 sa.. hehehe! wow what a beautiful shot of the moon! where are you in davao? i have a bro. in ecoland subdivision. =) hello from thailand! visit my post...

  7. Is nalibat, nalito.. ate? Di bale few more weeks, you'll be off from school. Do you teach during summer time too?

  8. hahhaha.....muot ko sa comment ni! agoy te, imo unta ko gi ingnan para tabang ko ug check...nyahhahaha!


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