I was once asked if marriage has expiration. I think this is the only contract that has no expiration especially when you enter into it in this country, although there are thousand ways to kill a chicken, in this case there are only too few measures to exterminate it – it’s either you file for legal separation, annulment, or exterminate your partner, in which case the worst.

Unfortunately, divorce is an illusive word in the Philippine social set-up. Just in case you want to know the truth, we’re the only country in Asia that has no divorce law, good if you live somewhere in Arizona where you can effortlessly contract a divorce lawyer phoenix to dissolve your marriage.

But in this country – the relationship is gone, but the marriage is still there – whether you like it or not, you have to chew it.


  1. naa daw proposal nga gamyan lang daw ang bayad ron sa annulment kay daghan di maka move kay naka tali lang japon maski 20 naka tuig hiwalay hahaha.

  2. If you are considering divorce, before taking any steps, call us to speak with a local divorce attorney............
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  3. Is that so? Well thanks for the tip. I don't think I fancy chewing for a long time. Remind me not to get married in the Philippines (ha!ha!).

    Mrs Ted

  4. Before going to divorce try all possible ways to live together and if you failed then only go for it.


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