Gosh, I felt like it’s been a hundred years since I last updated this blog, honest, I wonder why homo sapiens were created with just two limbs and two hands when they got so complex a brain that works like hell, thinks more than the hands and the feet can accomplish. Anyway, thank goodness to these consolation lines, ‘the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak’. Forgive my dreaminess, maybe you can take it as someone writing with so much at hand.

Anyway, wow, it’s Nostalgia time, thanks to Rose I’m always prodded to write something even if my brain is not working, lol.

I just accidentally stumbled on this photo while I was scavenging for some materials my son needed for a project at school. I was laughing like a hyena when I actually saw these, my god! I was this lean during the heyday of my youth, nyahahahah! I can’t exactly recall why we were here at this golf driving range, this is in Maa here in Davao, I don’t play golf, I can’t understand the thrill of striking all those white stuff and walk like hell under the scorching sun with caddies bringing those damn heavy umbrellas, well I understand what  those golf terms mean though, but for goodness sake, lemme just play ‘jolens’.

This guy here is Ramil, I wonder where the god of heavens has put him now, I attended his wedding but after his wife bore sons and daughters of his I lost contact, he maybe on FB though, but I just use that Zuckerberg stuff to like sites for giveaways…. How gross! ... Anyway, I just realized now, it always pay to live a life.

But the way things are now, am I living a life?

Ang pangutana nga nagtangag sa dakong ganti!

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  1. jolen nalang akong duwaan medyo barato pa! ug dili gani hala chinese garter nalang para ma exercise ang kabukugan!

  2. Sali ako sa jolens lol.. Entertained na naman ako dito sa not working brain lol.. I love it when you are not in the mood kasi nakakalabas lahat hahaah..

    I wanna know what is this though.. nawala ako eh lol.

    Ang pangutana nga nagtangag sa dakong ganti!

    Daghang salamat sa paglaag ug comments.. Weeeeee I hope I could speak fluent bisdak bago magend ang year lol..

  3. hahhahaha...apil pod ko ug katawa sa imo dire te....mau ni nga nag golf kay insert pa...nya naka open toe pa jud ug sandal...ehehehe! agoy jolen ug litik, apil ko..sapar lang ta te...ehehehe!

    I used to play golf when I was in was fun...kaso mahal niwang paman japon ka ron te woi....:)

    unya pa siguro ko magbuhat sa ako...ehehee...salmaat sa dalaw ug comments...hope na receive nimo akong reply....mwah!

  4. Oi slim ka pa man diri vernz. hahay those were the days jud. I never thought that u were playing golf before.

  5. witwew! ka sexy nimo diri te oi! those were the days jud te... hihihi!

    tuod te, di ko makasulod sa imong google aps kay wrong password ug username ang nakabutang te ai ...wahuhuhu! haguy please paki check daw utro kay naa man gud i change nga nameservers c mommy rubz ayha pa sya ma transfer sa wordpress. huhuhu!

  6. Oo nga Ate Vernz ang tagal ng latest post mo (lol). Galing naman magswing, bola ng golf ginagawa kong bola sa jack stones haha..

  7. i love your posts. perti ko katawa mag dula nalang ka ug jolen. pero bitaw am wondering why were u that guy something special for you? uyyy aw! =)

    nostalgia hopping, sis!


  8. Vernz, I can't play golf and I'm not interested to try it. This sport is too expensive for me :)

    Love reading your post, though you wrote it while your brain wasn't working :D
    I also lost contact with many old friends...

  9. wow, it's nice to see old photos. they really do exist ms vern...

  10. "Ang pangutana nga nagtangag sa dakong ganti!"
    di ko sabot, turista/manileño man ko, but my dictionary says "the one who ask receive great rewards". i hope i wont forget this line so that i can ask my pangga

    visiting you via THE BLOGGERS EXCHANGE february-march edition

  11. NOSTALGIA - is that Philippine language?
    Because we, Indonesian, also use that word to memorize the old things :)

  12. Jolens? I love that! LOL!

    Pardon my being nosy. Was Ramil an old flame? Hehe. Tsismosa jud ba, haha!

    Thanks for dropping off at my Nostalgia feature. Will be looking forward for more in the future.

    May you enjoy your weekend in grand style!



  13. hahaha. i don't understand too what's with this golf. maybe gulp gulp.. hihi.. lean body nga. i love this entry, at eto yung post mo na di pa gumana ang thoughts mo? creative writing nga eh. excellent! :) mine is such a boring entry, kasi natutuyo na ata memory ko, buti me nostalgia kahit pano nahahalungkat ang past.. lol

  14. ako rin mas gusto kong jolens na lang. hahaha! di ko ma-imagine kung papano tumawa ang hyena. =D

    Our Favorite Shot

  15. Mommy Vernz, kakapangiti talaga kapag makiktia mo ang old photos mo na slim and super cute ka pa, ang sarap balikan ng nakaraan. Ganyan din ako ,kapag nakita ko mga pictures ko pre-4 kids, sinasabi ko, anong nangyari sa katawan ko, I want it back.. Di ka marunong mag golf, eh bakit muka kang si Tiger Woods kung maka pose, hehehe.. Thanks sa pagbisita sa akin ha, late nga lang comment ko.


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