We visited our little property in Communal, Cabantian here on Sunday and had a side trip at D’Leonor Hotel and Inland Resort, its just a 5 minute-ride from our place.

I was really stunned to see the extent of the development, because I was thinking it’s just a wave pool and a hotel, but when we get inside, my gosh, the resort practically covered the land as far as your eyes can see. We actually left our ride near the restaurant and rode this shuttle down and up the hill. (it saved us gas, its free anyway).

Right now some of the amenities are still under construction like the wavepool and raging river which will be completed by June, but the cottages are all fully operational and you stay their for P2,800 a night. They ask for an entrance fee of P75/adult and P50 for kids, this includes a free shuttle ride around the resort.
at the picnic area

and the stunning view of her majesty, Mt. Apo here on a clear day.

More photos at ANYTHING DAVAO.
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  1. wow ganda nama jan sis.... sana mkabisita pag tapos na hehehhe....

  2. What a view! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Vernz.

  3. Fun playing...Happy blue Monday.

  4. Wow may shuttle bus inside the resort, that really means it's a vast property. Di ba mahal? LOL!!

    Gold finch

    Indigo bunting

  5. What a large park. No doubt, it is lovely and has a lot of interesting things to need buses.

  6. wow! very nice kaayo nga place ate... love it! hope maka suroy2x pud mi diha sa davao oi ob course hinaut pud unta nga makalaag mi diha sa inyong mansion..hehehe!

  7. wow, ka nice man sa place...mahal lang ang accommodation...complimentary ba ang breakfast...ehehehe...:)

  8. It's lovely, Vernz, and will be gorgeous when it is finished, won't it? Looks like you had a nice visit there.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. Oh wow, kala ko ate pagaari nyo yung hotel hehehe.. GANDA ng view sa Mt. Apo!

    Sensya ka na at madalang ako makbloghop these days, malapit na magtapos ang aking kindergartner so kung anik anek meron sa school hehehe..

  10. oi murag nice lagi ng lugara Vernz. Unsa na sya Del Norte na? mutawag ko unya diha sa inyo hehehe.

  11. Happy BM! sorry for the late visit. mine is here sis! :
    tnx for the visit vernz!

  12. ang ganda nman jan, ang presko magpicnic tapoz backdrop ang mt. apo.

  13. I think this place is intended for people who has the leisure of spending money. Not a very local friendly resort, so to say. But then their attractions are very nice. They have this surf pool (not yet functioning) which is so cool. The place is huge. If you have a family of 5, I think a budget of more or less 8,000 will do.

  14. Just been in this place. Last Sunday (09.04.11) to be exact. It was recommended by the van driver that we hire. Tried to do some reseach over the net about this place but found nothing, so I've decided to give this place a try. To be honest, I am very disappointed. First sa price, they charged an entrance fee of 75 pesos for the adults and 30 pesos for the kids just to go inside for nothing. I say nothing kase hindi ko pa ma appreciate and place, marami pang building works na on going inside. They will also charge another 150 pesos sa adult and 100 pesos sa kids if you go inside sa pool regardless kung maligo ka or hindi. It's a wavepool but at that day, afternoon na nag function ang wavepool because of technical problem. Gastos doesn't stops there kasi lahat ng pagkain at drinks na dala ninyo ay may corkage, for example - 1.5L coke ang corkage ay 30 pesos, kung sa restaurant ka nila bibili, well it will cost you 80 pesos for 1.5L. in fairness the cake is free. lechon - 300 pesos. All foods - 200 pesos. Balik tayo sa pool, it is not clean as I expected, medyo malabo na ang tubig and a bit of warning, be carefull sa floor ng pool, it's bit rough, halos lahat ng kids namin, nag ka sugat sa paa. We didn't had a chance to try ang kanilang zip line, the price is 250 for adults and 150 for kids, meron din Zoo, 70 pesos for the adult and 50 pesos sa kids but again hindi rin namin na try ang zoo. I know bago pa ang place na ito at hindi pa tapos, but charging an entrance fee for nothing, I think it's too much. Lesson learned ko dito is that, try to reseach the place as much as possible, if you get nothing over the net, then see and check the place and if you're happy with it, then go and if not then look for another place. Please note, this is my personal opinion. Please check the place if you are interested. Many thanks. . .

  15. Walay klarong negosyo... kung kabalo lang si madam...gikwartahan lang siya mga tao..sorry ha pero hapit na pud ko muhawa dinhi sa pertenf emars na ni...sweldo namo hastang paita...barat musweldo ning tag iya.mao na siya nadatu

  16. in fairness, kahit maraming negative blogs about your resort, it is still very nice for me, ewan ko lang sa iba na walang tigil ang comments, d na lang kasi matuwa, dami pang reklamo e wala naman kaming naencounter na ikinagalit namin lalo na dun sa mga staff, d naman cla ang nagdedesisyon sa mahal na presyo ng mga facilities nila at kahit na mahal man yung mga yon sulit din naman sa ganda ng lugar, in fact ang gagaling nga ng mga empleyado, magagalang at kahit mainit nakangiti, ang gaganda pa...


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