For some reasons a message of unknown origin tuned my mobile phone today and it read;

Don’t be sad if sometimes you are alone,
Being alone gives you a space to grow,
As it is hard to grow when you are close to someone.
Remember that trees are planted far from each so they can spread their branches.

I don’t normally respond to messages of unknown origin but for some reasons I replied and composed;

On the contrary;
I have been wanting to be alone,
But the trees around me has grown so tall,
Has grown their branches so lush,
Has grown their roots so deep,
Has grown their trunks too big and that;

Wanting to be alone is a possibility yet so far away;
Wanting to be alone would mean a long wait for those verdant branches to wither and fall; Wanting to be alone is a space you cannot move would mean enduring, bearing, persisting; Wanting to be alone is a realization of choosing amid living, surviving and dying.


  1. Buy yourself some nice jammies, some extra special bath stuff...then take yourself out for a great meal. I know it must be hard but right now you are the most important person to you!! Treat yourself like royalty. Or do a feel good thing.


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