What's wrong with this picture?

Advocacies to save the Earth from human’s wrongdoings have been the second religion of environmentalists these days. Campaigns left and right have been so dramatic for the past years, even we from the so-called developing nations – Philippines were also into this craze – if I may call it that.

September 26 weekend was spent to a family bonding in Samal Island here in Davao City, I just love this part of the island’s picture perfect pristine beach, tranquil sea breeze and a renewing cozy nap on the side. I was opening half my eyes when out of the blue at the farthest of my sight a streak of black smoke appeared in hazy silver spout, I took my camera and capture the sight, well, technically something really is wrong with this picture as I am not a professional photographer, but deep beyond this fuzzy photograph I knew something really, I swear is wrong and I knew you know it too.

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