3-Iron, Korean Movie Review

Just got up from my chair, done watching this Korean version of the movie, 3-Iron (courtesy of . Unta makaproduce pud ang Philippine film industry ug sama ani.

What is unique and the strength of this piece is that the characters do not talk, their sensuality, expressions, body language, cues are the voices of this film. Indeed, a manifestation of silence as a powerful agent to put into words the things you want to verbalize. Maglisud akong dila ug pronounce sa ilang ngalan pero the actors represented their roles so strongly.

This movie follows a male protagonists methodically breaking into people’s houses and stay their for a day, cook his food, bath, eat, wash their soiled clothes, fix toys, fix weighing scale, even bury a dead man.

Ang title, 3-iron (golf club) kasi sa wari ko lang, it’s a subtle depiction of violence and hatred. Kung suko ka pwede nimu tirahon ug kusog ang bola .... this film has effectively portray the use of golf club as a channel of unadulterated violence and hatred.

The protagonist towards the end of the story has mastered the art of ‘unsa na art?’ kuan nalang ….. the art of stillness .. katong method ni Tadashi Suzuki, a compelling picture of how humans under unfavorable condition develop strategies to survive. The protagonist’s mastery of the art of stillness stems from his varied adverse past experiences.

This film is not meant to be taken literary…… a film exploring love, deliverance, transcendence and triumph and btw, it is cleanly photographed. A must see foreign film.

Not a problem kung dili ka kasabot ug Korean lang. kay wa man kayo dialogue.

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