The sexiest bird on earth, in pee shorts, can be found here in Davao. Isn’t this birdie sexy, she got flawless, muscle toned legs, except for the pores… LOL!

My son had this photo when we went to Malagos Garden Resort here.

Some Facts about ostrich:
The Ostrich is the largest living bird in the world.
It is of the Ratite family, which means flightless bird.
The Ostrich is native to Africa, yet thrives in countries all over the world.
Adult males are eight to ten feet in height and weigh 350-400 pounds.
A male Ostrich is called a rooster and a female Ostrich is called a hen.
The male is black with white wing tips and tail plumes.
The female has light brown and grey plumage and is slightly smaller than the male.
This great bird has two toes, all other birds have three or four toes.
The Ostrich can run at speeds of up to 40 MPH for sustained times.
An Ostrich will live to be 50 - 75 years old.
Although an ostrich egg is the largest of all eggs, it is the smallest egg in relation to the size of the bird.
The Ostrich egg will weigh 1600 gm and is equivalent to 2 dozen chicken eggs.
An Ostrich Hen can lay 40 -100 eggs per year, averaging about 60 eggs per year.
Ostrich eggs hatch in 42 days.
An Ostrich chick grows one foot taller each month until it is 7-8 months old.
Females sit on eggs by day; males sit on eggs by night.
To soft boil a fresh egg would take one hour. To hard boil would take 1 1/2 hours.
Ostrich farming is a viable alternative agriculture industry, with fine quality leather, feathers and gourmet meat as the principal products.


  1. Yeah, it's really sexy. Ostrich can also run faster than a horse.

  2. I agree, this is pretty big bird

  3. Hi Verne;) good to see the bird here which is SO African. Wonderful information. I never realised the egg is small in comparison to the bird's size. It's quite special to see them in the flesh and they are quite tame - they will take your wrist watch if they can! And sunglasses. Anything and swallow it. Good to visit your blog again. Have a wonderful day. (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. They do look beautiful. Nice picture. And those are some amazing facts. I have never known so much about Ostrich before. Thanks for sharing...:)

  5. Great title for the post, rushed to see the bird. :)

  6. I was bitten by one of those big birds when I was a child, so I find them a little scarry.
    Great picture!

  7. Enjoyed this post ... the photo and the info on the ostrich!

  8. Great post and photo of the Ostrich. I am not so sure of it being sexy though!

  9. I must admit, that when I saw your titled link on the C C hub, I was wondering just what bird it was....

    My CC---She's not a NINJA turtle!! I do hope you can stop by to visit with me.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I enjoyed reading the ostrich facts. I had no idea they weighed so much, had only two toes. And the eggs! One egg is worth a dozen chicken eggs! Amazing.

  11. Oh very sexy tlga friendship, but not as sexy as you..hehe Agree or agree?hhehe

  12. Sexy nga, flawless din ang legs..thanks pala sa tips Ateh Vernz, naku 1st time ko nga un mgsulat ng Hangul...parang nagdrdrawing lang inisip ko..hehe

  13. He has long leg and flawless. mas flawless pa sa legs ko, dami sagbot legs ko gid hahahaha..

  14. I like the birds hot pants. She really is sexy. :-) Thanks for the information about ostriches.


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