Shopping at SM Davao

We went to SM Davao today and I am supposed to buy some clothes fit-for-a-teacher in preparation for the coming semester, but while shopping around I ended up buying nothing for myself, my eldest son did all the buying instead. Lesson learned – shop alone! But this is how mothers really are. Took some pictures around and sharing it with you guys!
SM City Davao East Entrance

SM City Davao East Entrance

SM City Davao East Entrance Afternoon Side Road

Bizarre Halloween Store Display with curious onlooker

Leandro got a new Chicco

Leandro got a new pair of school shoe


  1. Enjoyed the photos, especially the bizarre Halloween display. My Sainted Patient Wife and I make daily trips to SM City in Iloilo. Liked your posts. Salamat!

  2. katakot naman yang display sa store na yan.. ^^

  3. nice shopping mall. you can find many shopping malls here.. I think that's why money never enough. But also groceries is expensive.


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