Part of the rich Filipino culture is the observance of the All Soul’s Day, in Tagalog ‘Araw ng mga Patay/Undas’ in Cebuano we call it ‘Kalag-Kalag’. Not just a simple observance but generally it is observed in an elaborate way.

This occasion of the year is observed at least three or two weeks before this date. This is evident by commercial establishment’s prominent displays of candles of all sizes and shapes, pre-arranged synthetic flowers line the exits of the department stores. Black and orange colors rule the conspicuous areas of virtually anywhere in the malls and restos. Skeletons, skulls, scary figures of all sorts lined the entrances and exits of the malls.

For some years now, it has become a practice in Davao City that practically all malls hold ‘till midnight madness sale. During the heyday of the ‘Halloween Midnight Madness Sale’ traffic is crazy.

Public markets are also not exempted, flower stalls increase their prices, coconut graters lined the side roads, and famous ‘binignit’ ingredients are notably displayed.

This occasion also is a time for family reunions, relatives, siblings gather to pray for the soul of the dead. Being part of this Filipino equation, I too have some stories to tell. I went to Davao Memorial Park this morning to pay also respect to our dearly departed. I took some pictures and sharing to you the essence of ornate celebration of All Soul’s Day in this side of town.

Morning dew at the grandparents grave

Commercializing the dead. A policeman braving the dead

Tenting the dead 1

Remembering my father-in-law, RIP

Tenting the dead 2

'Kalag-Kalag' is not just about remembering the dearly departed but also a celebration of friendship, while drinking and gambling is prohibited inside the memorial park, not if no guards around.

Sleeping with the dead

An overnight stay with the dead

Commercializing the dead 2

When everything’s done, these are all what remains – tons of garbage!

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