My son Leandro, recently brought all his art works from school and as a mother I just can’t help but amaze myself how imagination of children can really be a repository of brilliant ideas. Sometimes as a parent you get disappointed by unimaginable, pointless scribbles they made but to them they are already their best made masterpieces, and to help us appreciate more their drawings and paintings here’s some TIPS ON HOW TO APPRECIATE YOUR CHILD’S DRAWINGS!

1. One must keep in mind this fundamental principle in appreciating drawings – that pictorial representation of a figure, object or person need not be the only criteria for a beautiful work of art. In other words, the exact replications of the subject need not to be the essential proof for a perfect masterpiece.

2. Parents should remember that your child has no intention of creating a picture in the same sense as you – an adult. So keep in mind that s/he is drawing or painting as a natural self-expression because to a child it is primarily FUN.

3. Another tip to remember is that a child maintains a particular technique or style throughout his/her works. You may notice prominent patterns of circles, lines etc. not only in his/her work but probably throughout his/her artworks, and you call this development of style. So just let it be. It is important to save your child’s drawings and review them from time to time.

4. If you have time, or find sometime to draw or paint with your child. You need not to be expert. It needs not to be expensive also. A pencil, a paper, crayons, markers will really do.

5. Learn to cultivate the ability to see with the eyes of a child, and then you will learn from your child. Let your child express his/her creative and spontaneous ideas from his/her own world of imagination and fantasy.

6. Let your child talk about his work. A treasury of wisdom, feelings, ideas will emerge that will help you as a parent understand more your child’s art and will help you know your child better.

7. Lastly, encourage your child.


  1. I am telling my daughter, Ditas to read your post, since her daughter Carenna loves to draw. Your post will certainly help her encourage my grand daughter to continue her interest and love for drawing. As a proud grandfather, I have a collection of Carenna's drawing and two of them are even posted in my blogs and in my Face Book page. I like your son's drawings. What grade is he in?

  2. love the multi-colored hearts.. galing!


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