We support Fish Conservation Week of BFAR-Southern Mindanao

Through the ages, fishing has been one of the earliest occupations know to humans. It has grown from crude ‘sibat’ into complex industry with modern equipment and installations.

The food resources of the sea are being extracted more and more and are likely to be utilized, as food from the land becomes less and less sufficient to meet the needs of 89 million Filipinos and still no plans of stopping.

We face various issues concerning this resource  corporate extraction, oil spill, dynamite fishing, red tide, mercury levels rising near river deltas etc, etc, yet, this is one of the most poorly managed rich natural resources of ours. We might presume that humans can never exhaust the resources of the sea, and we earthlings have placed upon nature the entire responsibility for renewing and replenishing.

And as part of this whole equation, knowing and putting into effect our moral obligations to future generations with respect to the resources of the sea, another batch of well-informed young people of the Assumption College of Davao had in their own little way been campaigning about the importance of conserving this resource. This is our way of supporting the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)-Southern Mindanao in celebrating their 44th Fish Conservation Week that kicked off last Monday.

This is what these students have to say;

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