We brought the children out tonight for another eternally requested dinner ‘chicken barbeque’, reckless thoughts keep rolling yeah, we will be winged humans soon.

After some unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea, we had a side trip on our way home and stopped-over at oldest mall in town, Victoria Plaza Mall in JP Laurel St. for giant Christmas tree watching. This thousand-bulb lit Christmas tree is a yearly attraction in this side of town, and that parents got a hard time convincing children to go home, with some strategy like … Oh! We have ten minutes before Bumble Bee will arrive to devour this tree, we better hurry up! The next thing you knew they’re all racing back to speed-up the car. I amaze myself there. Good strat mom!

Here’s some pictures of the tree, apologies for the blurry, shaky shot, my husband said it’s a depreciated tech, thought of might buy a new one if I have extras this Christmas.

Anyway, thanks for reading. See you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Christmas is in the air. I miss Christmas, Pinoy style. Iba talaga!

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeh!

    i miss davao na!wohhoooooooo! christmas n jud ang spirit sa davao te?huhu!

    hope magkita ta te ig uli naku!

  3. Sure kaayo Gay, ingna lang ko kung naa naka ... Salamat sa labay...

  4. weeeeeeh! cge cge te!ill just ping you! hehehe! awp, te, how can i have your email add? can i?? can u send me email here.

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