While my morning rituals are in progress I turned on the television hoping to get some pieces of information about the latest. Then on a bright sunny, Sunday morning the ever beloved-mayor of Davao City, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, in his red shirt layered with black vest in his eternally firing mouth made all my rituals came to pause. I wonder why this show GIKAN SA MASA, PARA SA MASA shown in ABS-CBN Davao was aired this early about 8:30 when normally it is shown at 9AM. They might have moved it earlier so I can write this entry, (hahaha!) most of the time I missed this ‘no commercial break’ show of him because of a mother’s Sunday grocery errands.

This is no making-up things or anything of this kind but I have voted for this man since the first time I had executed suffrage. I love this mayor of ours especially when he gives comment, pieces of advice to just anything related and not related to this city, he would always find a way to say it in an objective with lots of sacrilegious words, in humanely-coercive, humorous manner.

I caught the part where Mayor Duterte was comparing The Speaker of the House, yes! The Speaker of the House of Representative of the Republic of the Philippines, Boy Nograles (as he is fondly called here in the city), to Roderick Paulate. My god! My room reverberated with laughter when he said that, (with all due respect to this respected actor.)

‘The Speaker’ had signified his intention of running for mayor in this city opposing the ‘Inday ng buhay’ of the mayor, his daughter Sarah. I can see, this will be another thrilling episode of this city’s mayoral election.

Never in half of my life where this two prominent political figure in this city had became friends, ‘The Mayor’ had just proven it not when he recalled some of the unlikely incidents back in their younger days when ‘The Speaker’ will ran back home when wrestled by some of their friends.

‘The Mayor’ taunted on the ‘The Speaker’ to drop his men in wedding attire (bodyguards in Barong Tagalog) to face ‘The Mayor’ head-on and threatened more ‘The Speaker’ to hit him in front of the people of Davao, it was hilariously-alarming when ‘The Mayor’ said ‘tamparoson taka atubanga sa mga taga-Davao. It may sound like ‘The Mayor’ always provoke ‘The Speaker’ but it has always been this way ever since.

I just hope this rift between the two will not escalate to bringing backhoe in the mountains. They’re not that barbaric to sink that low. Asked when ‘The Mayor’ is running again? He is … as a Barangay Captain in the next barangay election (bet ya! He sounds real serious.)

There were a lot more hilarious comments ‘The Mayor’ had said to ‘The Speaker’, we’ll wait and see what will be the next move of the ‘The Speaker’. I’m positive this will be headlined in tomorrow’s local paper.

See you again for another happening in this side of town.


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  2. hello, the fight would be worth watching. Aabangan ko.

    On hindsight, wala ba ibang pwedeng kandidato aside from these trapos...Sori po for the term.

  3. Hi Glams, unless I will run for mayor .. bwahahahahah! Ewan ko ba, kasi for the longest time the Dutertes had ruled Davao, at buti nalang wala namang mga anomalyang ginagawa (public knowledge daw wala ewan sa private)but then people just 'ipinagkibitbalikat' thinking .. ok! you're running the city well then go ahead... that's what I feel... pero bago at hindi trapo? meron naman, I just do not know them yet. hahaha!

  4. To OnlineMommy, I have successfully posted it. Thank You Mylene.

  5. bagang! i like their rivalry!hahah! oweiz ko yan pinapanood ang GM,PM na show in Digong!hehehe! i miss him na nga the way he talks on that show. lupig pa ang eyesight sa pagkastraightforward! wohoooooooo! idol ko talaga siya te vernz!heheh!

    totoo talaga te na tatakbo siyang BC? gosh!

  6. nga pala te, i have heard na may isang Duterte pa na tatakbo, VM ata, dunno him yet..izit true?

  7. Hi Vernz! My gosh! I thought politics back in my home country of America were loco loco,but with all due respect,the info in this post rivals anything I have ever seen back in America. I will stay tuned to your blog for more details.Salamat!

  8. I've known Duterte as a disciplinarian and a no-nonsense leader of Davao City. The stories I've read and the tales I hear people talk about his iron-fist rule is amazing.

  9. Gagay ... owwww, you missed him, so sweet! toink! isa pang Duterte kamo?... it's his daughter Sarah Duterte that is running for mayor.

    Dave ... I think this phenomenon is universal, and Davao City is no exemption.

    MsRay ...Some people love him, some people hate him ... but one one is sure I just love the way he puts on his iron-fist... tigbak lahat ng adik!

  10. waaaaaaaaaah! malingaw mn gud ko sa iyang mga komento!heheh! lageeeee daw, si inday sarah daw ang mudagan..haha!


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