Passing by the school’s covered court the other day, I saw these girls setting up their tents. I ask around what these girls are into and somebody said, ‘they’re sleeping here tonight, they’re camping.’

Having my curiosity satisfied, I started to wonder, is this really how camping are being done now? Is this really how dangerous the outside world that these children are setting-up their tents under the comfort of another roof? Or parents now are just so protective of their children (well, I would do the same.) What is more interesting it’s an ‘all-girl’camping.

Truly meanings have changed even the idea of camping. No wonder why today’s children lack defenses to battle simple and practical everyday problems. Why would they anyway? Practically everything’s provided for.

See you for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Ayos din naman ano? Nung araw sa Mt. Makiling ang Camping? Siguro nag titipid na rin. hehehe

  2. hi sis! I've been so busy these days.. it's good that you still come around my site, and definitely, I'll visit your site whenever I'm online. Thank you. :)

    About camping, I've missed cooking marshmallows in the bonfire. We had that back in elementary, when I was like a good Girl Scout with all the medals. hehehe!

    Back then, we only had the camping within school grounds. Sobrang laki ng bonfire! hahahaha!

  3. Hi Vernz, what sleeping under a roof! Those girls need to camp out in the mountains of Montana back in the States, Big Sky full of stars, grizzly bears roaming the campgrounds, now there was some fun! Have a great weekend!

  4. haha! kakaloka mga campers ngaun te vernz! waaaaaaaah! i cud still remember those times back elem and HS, nasa mga bukirin talga kame..but ngaun nasa court na?hmp!

    anyway, te, i have awarded u linky love for being my first commenter in one of my posts! and added u already in all my blogs too!see yah 'round!

    The Latest Buzzzz

  5. te vernz! nagreply ako sau sa blog ko, kadto imu gicomment bout wordless wdnesday (WW)..chikka nalng ta didto te!

  6. Thank you Gagay! I will do that, have a great weekend!

  7. Fatherlyours, Sis Jo, Dave, Thank you for taking time to read, Indeed, my camping experience was really outdoors, building fire, tatawid ng sapa and all ... Thanks again.

  8. Can't blame the parents if they are so protective of their kids now. Our country is really not secured even from our very own countrymen. In fact not secured even from the policemen!

  9. I'm having a problem opening entrecard site...shall try again later.

  10. Thanks Glams ... cge try again... see you again ..

  11. Let me start by saying I think this is great.Great information! Your blog is the first one I look for in my inbox everyday.I’m adding it to my reading list.Camping is always fun when especially you have to improvise because we forget something at home.


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