For some years now I have been negotiating between my reproductive and my productive job, a full-time mom being my reproductive job and a part-time college instructor as my productive job. This is what I get being a gendered organism in this world. Anyway, our second semester classes start tomorrow and I am sharing to you some pictures of the place I hover at least three hours a day of my life.

This is where I exhaust my calories everyday, I prefer taking the stairs when going to my classes.

A nostalgic guise of Assumption College of Davao, JP Cabaguio Ave., Davao City

I call this ‘The bridge’

A view of the quadrangle from the bridge.

A place to share laughter and check papers - ‘the faculty room’


  1. hi sis :) you were in Assumption Davao? I went to Assumption Makati for high school. ^_^

    btw, you might want to join my mini-contest.. ;) it's a lotto type draw ..

  2. Yes Jo, I'm with Assumption College of Davao. Wow that's cool... that's for the comment.

  3. That was a pretty clean school :)

    Taking the stairs is good for your health. I do it on MRT too.

    BTW, I passed by from Carms' blog:)

  4. Hello! An award is waiting for you on my blog: http://travelwithmarie.blogspot.com. Congrats! ♥

  5. Hey,my aunt works there as Sunday School Principal.You happen to know Mrs. Mines? =)

  6. walking along assumption stairs up and down is the way to remain sexy like our beloved teacher.


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