Whenever we plan to take the kids to Davao City’s People’s Park something always pop-out that would spoil our plan. But tonight without planning at all, finally we were able to take them there.

Since this park opened last year, it maybe a shame to admit but this is my first time to visit. Thank God it’s Friday no class the following day! So after my 7:00pm class we have grilled chicken (again) for dinner and headed to the park.

In honor of the people of Davao City who paid their taxes from their hard earn money to come up with this park thus the name ‘People’s Park’.

If you plan to visit Davao City, include in your itinerary People’s Park, it is not just a park, but it showcased, through the life-size sculptures of Kublai Milan prominently displayed inside the park, the rich, diverse culture of Davao City.

The Park Office Building, Bonifacio St., Davao City

Christmas-lit mini museum at the park office building

Just one of the magnificent sculptures of a home-grown artist Kublai Milan

And this one too, and there are plenty of them

And perfect for lovers too!


  1. thanks for sharing!it's just good to see a great place in Davao :)

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  3. Just visiting your site per Dave DeWall recommendation. Hopefully you will also visit one of my blogs about Marinduque-my island Paradise.

    Nice pictures of Davao. Someday, I will visit Davao to meet a couple of on-line friends residing in the city.

  4. Hi Vernz, God bless David B, I'm glad he stopped by. Vernz, great pictures, I love them. I want to visit Davao City, and since The Sainted Patient Wife are just over in Guimaras, it would be short plane ride over. Enjoyed the post.


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