After my holiday indulgence, after I devoured countless calories from partying here and there, this is where I find comfort – ‘Tinolong Isda.’

To have a more umami-sh ‘tinola’ try using 1 big red tomato, boil it together with ginger, onion and salt, just when the tomato begun to break up, put in the fish … I prefer ‘maya-maya’ fish every time I cook tinola, lower the fire to prevent the fish from breaking-up, simmer for at least five to seven minutes then turn off the fire, put in some leaves of your choice you can use Malungay (moringa olifera) or camote tops you can even use pechay, then sip the soup to your heart’s delight.

So, for tonight’s dinner tinolang ‘maya-maya’.

Thank you for dropping by, see you again for another experience in this side of town.

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