I got bored watching nonsense TV show so I sneak out of the house this afternoon when everybody has been snoring boisterously, I do this sometimes because when the kids would know you’re going somewhere they will race to the closet to change and left you scratching your head, you know how it is going around with kids, not only it drains your wallet, you cannot just go where you wanted to go. I do have schedule for them to stroll, but today, I just wanted to be alone.

I went to scout for some small towels, I just keep wondering if my children are eating the towels at school, out of two dozens that I bought last June only three were left, I often check the lost and found corner, but they will just tell you ‘I forgot where did I put it Ma’ … ahhh!

After some ‘tawad’ I finally cellophaned 3 dozens, well see how long will these last.

From the infamous DCLA Plaza, Magsaysay Park is just a walk away, I was thinking of taking a shot of the Magsaysay monument for this post so I burned some calories walking towards the park.

I passed by this park everyday, but it’s been a while since I have not been walking inside.

This park is located along the coastline, it’s really a romantic place especially feeling the afternoon breeze with someone, a perfect place for children to bike around, but sad to say this park is poorly managed, for quite a while it was not able to perk up its cheap image, dirty, dilapidated park equipment, undisciplined daters.

I really have no idea why the City government has left this thing out, chances are there maybe issues concerning the park property why the inattention of maintaining.

Calling all concerned agencies in Davao City please help this child happy again.

This child can be happier when this seesaw will be fixed!

The flaked-painted slide!

The forgotten monument of the late President Ramon Magsaysay!

People in the park, enjoying Island Garden City of Samal afternoon view from Magsaysay Park


  1. ate vernz!!! happy new year!!!

    wasn't able to stay in dvo for long kay didto mi nagholidays sa agusan..amo man gud haws sa dvo ke giparenovate..hehehe..


  2. Gagay darling, it's ok oi! sa sunod na pud...

  3. Hi Vernz, too bad that park has been left in that condition, good photos, that poor little boy!

    I liked your remark of undisciplined daters, I have never heard it put that way. Have a good day, Vernz!

  4. Hi Dave, hahahah! just invented the term for those culturally insensitive daters... thanks for dropping by!

  5. Am financially not capable to pay for my child's heart operation which she really needs it now. Philippine Heart Center will charge almost half a million pesos just to close the 2 holes of the heart of my kid. Am living in Cagayan de Oro City which is one and half hour away from Manila through plane. I don't have a friend in Manila where we can stay for a while and most especially the money. My child is already 5 years old but she looks like a 3 yr old kid since children born with congenital heart disease grow slowly.


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