When do you draw the divide between vandalism and self-expression?

According to our basic understanding of vandalism it is an illegal, antisocial activity that creates a negative impression of a group of people or a person that ruthlessly destructs or spoils anything beautiful or venerable.
In school campuses, traces of vandals are found mostly in comfort rooms and armchairs. I don’t feel the need to elaborate this matter as those who have gone to school has ample experience on how this activity is expressed into, either you had done one secretly writing your armchair desk airing your disgust towards your teacher …’push this button to blast off the professor’ for boring, blah, blah teacher, or express what you feel via the writings on the wall, I mean on the CR wall.

On the other hand, common definition of self-expression is said to be …. the means by which one's personal characteristics are displayed; showing one's internal beliefs or character by means of external actions/changes.
Taking this definition, vandalism can also be another way of expressing one’s internal belief, thus it is also a self-expression.

And in a society and culture where feelings of love and sex are mostly not talked about openly … where do you run to, to express your internal belief or character?

See these;

Holywood Star loves a local star
What our text culture has done to this country's next generation!
An engraved 'you're a heart breaker'
adding insult to injury
'masakit magmahal, masakit iwanan'
I wonder where was the pair drawn...

The reckless thinker me deduce that it is vandalism when we look at it as an unconstructive doing and it is self-expression when we see it on the positive side.

Thanks for reading and you can vandalize my comment box. See you again for another rambling in this side of town.


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  2. Awwww. That's so sweet of you Claudia, I'm not earning enough yet from my blogging ... I want it self-sufficient ... hahahah!

    Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Hi Vernz, I never had the inclination to vandalize anything, I expressed myself with sketching on paper, used to do a lot of it. But another interesting post, you always make me think, which is a good thing.

  4. thanks for dropping by my blog! hope you visit again.

    vandalism does offer some interesting stuff to read :)

  5. waaaaaaaaaah! makaremember man pod ta sa atong past ani te uie..,buti nlng here in medskul everything are steel (painted) so i cant

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  6. this is really funny! I used to check out my desk in school to past away the time during vacant hours. As your blog post have shown, there are a lot of interesting stories to see on those desks. Btw, thanks for adding me here:) I'll be adding you now.


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