My little boy has turned two and instead of feeding people we do not know, feeding those invited by the invited, for which I just realized I have been doing this for the last 10 years every time my children are celebrating their birthdays, the five of us decided to redefine birthday celebration.

So we packed our bags and headed to Eden Nature Park at the foot of Mt. Apo to spend the weekend and celebrate my son’s second birthday. We arrive at the foggy, drizzling park around 3:00 pm of Saturday, we were greeted by roaming peacocks and peahen, Leandro my eldest son really enjoyed the ‘Indiana Jones’ ride, ate a hearty dinner and what else can you do with a two year around, and slept with crickets sound at Camellia lodge.

Luckily, the morning sun showed up, after the ‘bulad’ breakfast we headed for a ride at the skyrider, it was my first time, first times are really exciting and nerve cracking (if you know what I mean) It was an exhilarating 200 meter rope ride above tree canopies, Leandro my eldest son was hesitant at first but when we tried it, it was real fun.

The birthday boy since he can’t enjoy the skyride, find some peace catching some ‘Tilapia’ at their fishing pond. We ate all what we have caught. And headed home at 3:00PM on Sunday tired and smiling at sleep.

BTW, Noynoy Aquino spent a day here during his thinking days, whether to run or not to run for President. Want a peaceful respite when in Davao? Consider this place. You can visit their website here.

Sharing some of our photos;

Thank you for reading. See you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. The view is beautiful. I especially like the picture you took of the trees lining up the road. I like the foggy effect.

    Belated birthday greetings to your little boy :)

  2. Thanks Ms. Ray for taking time to comment. It's really beautiful here... see you around.

  3. I've been to Davao several times but I wasn't able to get a chance to visit Eden. Hope Someday I can...

  4. What a great way to celebrate your son's birthday, Vernz. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I agree with MsRay, the trees with the foggy effect is a good photo.

  5. I am not sure mommy if this is the same place I've visited when I went to Kidapawan few years ago. Is the place also called Agko?

    Anyways, the place look peaceful ;) I will convince hubby for us to visit this place when we go home in their town :)

  6. Jan, you should visit Eden... It's just a 45 minute ride from the city.

    Dave, my ever dearest blogosphere friend, thank for the compliment, if you have a chance to visit Davao, I will bring you there!

    OnlineMommy, Eden is on Davao side of the Mt. Apo, Agko is at the western side. you should visit Eden. Thanks My.

  7. nice place! never been to davao. i have aunties and uncle (my mother side) in maragusan. hope i can visit the place someday.
    belated happy bday to your son!

  8. This is very nice nice looking. to be quite nice weather-wise, I will bring you there. I like the foggy effect.

  9. whew!!!sa eden!?!? been there but haven't tried the skyride..huhuh!i miss davao now!urgh!

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  10. Faye, laag dyud diri kung makauli ka!

    Gagay darling, nalingaw ko sa mga peacock nalaroy-laroy ... hahaha, balik try the skyride... real shouting exercise...

  11. Wish to visit this place someday....:)Belated Happy birthday to your son!

  12. awww..i love the fog and the gazebo pics. I really like Eden but haven't tried their cabins yet. I hope someday I can do that:)

  13. Wow looking very beautiful and child's is also looking very nice.


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