Being a newbie to blogging and finding some ways to earn some bucks around I was loitering this sphere and spent damn sleepless afternoons prodding my keypads.

So after long hours of teary-eyed clicking and reading finally I settled to sign up with IM Card, I heard a lot of good reviews about this marketing community, thus I decided to go with this system, to my dismay look what have the great race of Jose Rizal has done? When you click the create an account link, under miscellaneous question this is what stunned me;

We currently accept new users from all countries except the following:


Unfortunately we've experienced a tremendous amount of fraudulent and inappropriate use of the IM Report Card website from users in these countries, and until we figure out an efficient way to combat this we can't accept users from these countries.

If you are in one of these countries and want to use IM Report Card responsibly, please accept our sincerest apologies. We know it doesn't seem "fair".

Until we figure out a way to efficiently deal with this problem, you're free to use the site as a resource - you just can't post comments or earn credits.

Users in certain other locations will be asked to provide additional information upon signing up, and based on this information the user will be approved or denied.

Please note: Do NOT attempt to use proxy servers or other methods to hide your IP address and/or location in an attempt to circumvent this policy. If you do, we WILL catch you, and you will be permanently banned from accessing the site.

SO THE PHILIPPINES DID IT AGAIN, I suppose the list was written in alphabetical order so I wonder if we land number 1 if listed amongst the most fraudulent ones.

Geeesh! So disgusting! No sourgraping or anything that I was not able to sign-up, but it’s just that, when will we people of this country come to our senses to take things at a fair playing field.

I also take this chance to air my disapproval with IM Cards move to not accept users from the Philippines; don’t be a Joe that will burn the whole house down just to kill a rat. There can be some ways to hunt this fraudulent users and not to lump the Philippines alltogether.

Thanks for reading, see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. Hi Vernz, I have never heard of this IM Card before, but it seems grossly unfair to ban the Philippines. I'm sorry to see that. Half the countries are banned are Asian. That's too bad.

  2. first to hear this IM... anyway Good luck


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