During my infancy stage in blogging I was wondering whether I will make it or not, I have hanging questions how to increase my ranking? How do I drive in traffic? And my hesitations had brought me to ask people around this blogosphere who had been blogging years before me on what would be the best strategy to increase my blog visibility. There were plethora of suggestions, enroll in traffic exchange sites, buy ads and many more that I have gathered on how to make your blog afloat and get higher search engine rankings.

And one of the recommendations that standout among those suggestions were to submit your blog to web directories, this strategy not only gives you higher search engine rankings, but it is also one way of getting backlinks.

But then newbie as I was then, I was prodded to ask what a web directory is? Then a blogging friend of mine commented that it is just the same as your local yellow pages in which all your physical business name, business nature and contact details and everything a finder would want to know and what you would want with your business or just something personal to be known for are listed. Web directories are similarly positioned, only they are developed and runned to cater and to organize sites on the World Wide Web under most appropriate and specific category.

There can be a number of SEO friendly directories in the internet, there is DMOZ that has over 590,000 categories to search on, you have Yahoo directory which is practically a word of mouth when it comes to web directory all of these are human edited to ensure specificity of category of the sites submitted. Although some require monetary charges to review your sites there are also a lot that are absolutely no obligation at all, you just have to carefully follow their guidelines and you can already be listed.

On a personal note I have also submitted this blog of mine to various web directories, as an evidence you can browse up to the bottom to see some, but one thing that one should note about is choose and prefer web categories that are pushing for real traffic and directories that regularly updated with listings, news or relevant stuff.

So there, start finding some SEO friendly directories now and submit your sites or blogs and expect your rank and backlinks to soar.


  1. hello Vernz, sure happy to exchange link with you.

  2. Thanks Josie... I added Josie's Window already!

  3. added yours to my two sites. just check the blogroll.


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