According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day, and some folks in this city, that including me, constitute that statistics.

Street food is food obtainable from a street side vendor, often from a makeshift or portable stall. Oftentimes, concerns of cleanliness and freshness discourage people from eating street food, but without these factors, I wonder if it will still be called a street food.

This photo is just few of the many street food stalls that proliferate in the city. I love eating ‘maruya’ (sugar-coated deep fried banana) with Coke strawed from a cellophane, and on late afternoons ‘kwek-kwek’ (boiled egg dipped in orange-colored four mix and deep fried) fish balls, squid balls, tempura where dip is a shared thing are just few of my afternoon favorites.

With the increasing pace of tourism in the city, the safety of street food has become one of the major concerns of city health, there are organizations just like the ones on the photo that look over the condition of this sector in this city.

Thanks for dropping by, see again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. That food looks yummy. We saw stands set up like that when we went to Puerto Rico.

  2. I love food period!!~ great picture and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh, I miss the toron and maruya!
    Street food is everywhere here in Thailand. I think they surpass ours in Pinas. In my opinion, it's good to make the gap between the rich and the poor narrower because in here, even the rich on BMW's and Benzes eat at sidewalks very often. In this way, the poor get regular income by the makeshift foodstalls or just pushcarts or on vehicles on the streets. You're right, most Pinoys consider the sanitation of street foods but not much for Thais. They consider more the merits they can gain from helping out the poor. Thanks for sharing this and for stopping by my post:)

  4. i love street food too especially fish ball with authentic sauce.. yummers!

  5. ay gigutom ko woi...sos namiss nako ang mga street foods...labi natong kabkab...ehehehe!

  6. gusto ko ng squid ball at kikiam tapos sago.. hihi.

  7. i like street food too. you get to know more about the food culture of the place when trying their street foods:)

    My MYM is up too.

  8. @ Kim, those are sugar-coated bananas Kim... indeed they are yummy with Cola.

    @Debbie, thank you too for taking time to comment.

    @NiceA, Wala ba yan sa Thailand? but ours is talagang yummy.... hahahah!

    @Nuts, thanks dear fro dropping by....

    @Dhemz, burger man gud ug hotdog sa inyo ... LOL...

    @Mrs. Kolca, oo nga bihira naman yung sago dito... salamat sa dalaw..

  9. vernz, kkainggit nmn yang post mo, miss ko yung bananaQ tsaka toron.hehe

    I'ver read ur going to Bora sa May, punta din me dun but lastweek na.

  10. i like street foods too especially fish ball, tempura and maruya. :)

    i've seen the news the other day about the health hazards concerning street foods in PI. summer na daghan maninda ug pabugnaw sa kalsada then ang ice na gigamit daw kay gi check sa DOH then it was positive of E. coli bacteria. whoa that's scary. i hope health conscious pud unta sila for their customer's safety ba kay lisod na magkasakit oi mahal pa ospital.

  11. Walang toron at maruya dito sa Thailand, Vernz.Maraming saging dito pero walang saba (at tondan). Kaya if umuuwi ako sa Pinas lalo na sa Gensan punta agad ako sa Oval Plaza para bibili ng maraming toron, hehehe! Masarap yong di gaanong hinog tapos bagong luto pa. Hmmm!

  12. Vernz, I am just one sad kano. Been in the Philippines since last July, and I have not tasted the street food available in our little town or nearby Iloilo. Where is my sense of adventure? I promise to buy some street food this week, guarantee it.

  13. Pabili nga po ng isang banana que saka palamig...hehehe...miss ko na street food..dati 50 cents lang ang turon ngaun abot na ng 3-5 pesos isa...:(

  14. mura pa kung kakain diyan..nakakabusog din..

  15. @Siromadeo8, wala bang turon sa australia? LOL!.... yes still waiting for my childrens choice ... siquijor or bora...

    @Jenn, tama jud ka Jenn. pero palit man ko maruya kanang bag-o luto I don;t buy bahaw ....

    @Nice A, thanks dear for dropping by, hanap-hanapin mu yung talagang atin di ba?

    @Dave, LOL... you should activate your sense of adventure ... hahahah!

    @healthy, you're welcome...

    @Hyanne, totoo, mahal na! tigP5.00 na yung turon.

    @Arvin, kaibigan ...tama ka diyan ... busog ka pa

    Thank you everyone for taking time to drop by.

  16. ui sarap nyan ha, do you know that any food that goes or pass by on the street is now considered as street food, even those that are delivered by our favorite food chains like jolibee, macdo, greenwich and more.Happy eating! :)


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