I have been contemplating lately about migrating to my own domain. It’s needless to enumerate the countless benefits of having your own domain, but after some deep thoughts about migrating having this rank from Google, someone should think twice in doing so.

But if you have some plans of getting your own, the thought of extra scrutiny of your would-be host should be carefully considered and in this case you will be bombarded with countless web hosting services and it’s quite hard to determine which one is most dependable and reliable, which hosting provider has the best price-value, key features, uptimes, user-friendly, especially for those who are still starting, and on top of it all, excellent customer support. But don’t be alarmed there can always solutions to every problem in this sphere; there are websites that rundown all the best hosting providers in this sphere based on the above features I mentioned. Some even go beyond just hosting and do independent reviews of the best web hosting providers by actual customers of their experience with their host, thus it gives you an easier life which hosting provider to contract service with.

In which case the actual strategy I employ when I decided to have two of my blogs migrate to her own domain and never regretted the decision.


  1. Hi Ateh Vernz ano web host gamit mo? Balak ko rin sana magkaroon kahit isa domain sa blog :)

  2. RyHeanne, I'm with godaddy dear!get one! thanks for dropping by!

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  4. letherton, thanks for dropping by, I'll check it out! Thanks for the info.


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