It’s still too early to hunt for a Youtube link for tonight’s (May 22) episode of Pilipinas Got Talent since they’re airing live. Among those who were lucky to make it to the semi-finals is Davao City’s pride, The EZRA Band.

Hearing tonight’s rendition feels like traveling down memory lane, back to those dating days of mine… nyahahahahha. But seriously, their vocalist really can sing, their keyboardist rocks, another proof that a person’s disability is not a barrier to achieving great things in life. I have not seen them perform on stage here in Davao yet, but hope to see one when they will be back home.

But here’s their audition piece that wows the judges.

So without further much ado, let’s give it up to Davao’s pride, The EZRA band.


  1. WOW! its really WOW jud ate vernz! they played that song very well specially and keyboardist!

  2. oh is it, I don't know hehe.. just back from shopping.

  3. dire sad oj nagahulat...hehehe

  4. wooot! salamat sa pag agi sa akong blog :D

  5. Yeah, I watched that show last night. I was amazed at that keyboard player and thankful that no matter how disabled you are, God can pour a blessing of talent in your life.

  6. i've yet to watch an episode of Pilipinas Got Talent although i used to watch America's Got Talent.

    btw ate vernz, i have an award for you. you can find it here.


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