Waaaahhh! I woke up early to supposedly cast my vote, I just wasted a liter of gas, I can’t even get through the clustered list of voters posted on the school’s wall, sea of people, ranting over a non-functional PCOS machine. I thought of coming early but there were those who have woke up earlier than I do to cast their vote. So I decided to go home eat ‘bahaw’ and sleep again.

I’ve accomplished quite a number of mom’s chores, watched How to Train a Dragon, and made a ‘walang kamatayang yema,’ an all-time favorite of my kiddos, before heading to San Roque Elementary School. I’ve handed my carefully shaded ballot to the BEI exactly 6:45 PM, I was teased by the poll watchers that they just waited for me to vote before they close the precinct…. If I know they have to extend the voting time due to some technical delays. I have cast my vote on the last minute the poll closes minus the PCOS, I was just imagining how it look, as I dropped my ballot on a PCOS-less garbage bin-look alike ballot box, and had my point finger inked.

Now as I write this, listening to Aquino-bent ABS-CBN for the unofficial and partial results of the election, and hurting on the side, gee! My president is racing only on the fourth place …. And my vice-president, Dang!… Roxas’ campaign manager has been sleeping ‘sa pancitan’ too confident, you forgot you have Binay is a contender. So there, although disappointed to have not touched or seen an actual PCOS machine ….. Huh! Where have all the PCOS machines gone… ibalik na sa China! …. Puro daut!


  1. hahaha! love that lines... go home and eat bahaw ang sleep again... kusog kaayo si aquino ate ba? based sa ako nakita sa tv karun

  2. my gas, it's always frustrating kaya iniiwasan ko manood ng philippine news =( I really hope na sana manalo ang karapat dapat, and people should have voted wisely, not because their bet is popular.. Goodluck sa future admin natin

  3. I couldn't find my name in the Pasig precinct, it's too much of an inconvenience if I scour the whole Pasig area, so I went home disappointed and disillusioned instead. I hope nobody used my name to vote!

  4. waaaaaa!!!! billion petot pa naman ang worth sa mga daut na PCOS. sabagay, d ra guro to kaabot og billion...mas dako ang mga kickback kesa worth sa whole project. onli n d phils!

  5. we went to the poll precinct at 7:30 am but it's almost full, hubby didn't want to wait because of the long line and they were serving only 10 people at a time, baka dw ma heat stroke cya, so we just went home without casting our vote. From the unofficial results, we already know who's leading, good luck na lang Pilipinas..

  6. @ Kayce ... sa way lalis daug na siya ...

    @ Bambie, di ka naboto Bam .. sayang ... Amen ... good luck talaga!

    @ Marissa, I write down talaga my precint number so everytime merong election hanapin ko lang yung precint no. Sayang Mariss di kana kaboto..

    @ Kerslyn.. ay nako dear ... ang government agences paman sa pinas may pinaka lousy na sistema pagdating sa safekeeping .. I'm sure ipakilo na yan ...

    @ josie, how sad dear .... sayang ..ako bumalik sa gabi na ... LOL!

    Thanks everyone for dropping by ...

  7. aww I haven't watched how to train a dragon yet because it's in .WMV format and I can't play it on my mac coz of a security stuff X(

    Some machines are a failure! I just hope no one was able to cheat this time.. Hopefully, it's a fair competition..

  8. we waited 3.5 hours to vote and the pcos jammed when it was my time to load my ballot. buti na lang naayos agad. hay, okay lang. once every six years lang naman. at least may karapatan tayong magreklamo (or magtiis) dahil bumoto tayo.

  9. hahaha I watch how to train a dragon ganda...kawawa ka naman edi nag manual ka ren?...just praying na sana nga maayos na ang administration naten kahit sino pa ang umupo...hwag lang si erap please we've seen him manage the philippines iba naman hehehe...I'm fine tumataas lang presyon ko sa news about Philippine election hehehe...

  10. maayo pa ka nakavote... sa amo precinct, taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas kaayo ang linya and exhausted from all the waiting, niuli na lang ko :(

  11. it took me 5 solid hours before i was able to cast my vote...

    it's frustrating.

  12. Hay, tama ka diyan. Mukha nga made in China yan PCOS machines na yan. Pero generally, okay na din yan election kasi wala nakadaya. But of course, hindi tayo happy kasi hindi nanalo ang manok natin.

  13. hahaha kataw-anan man ka Vernz oi..nalingaw ko sa imong post hahaha..wa jud ko ka boto dah kay dia ko Sweden...haha kaayo ra bitaw ug ikaon ug bahaw tapos paksiw kay gimingaw nako ani nga pagkaon hahaha..pati ako anak, nangita ug paksiw hahaha.

    BTW. puro daut diay..way ayo hahaha

  14. was saddened of how wide the gap is between gibo and noynoy....hahay..ambot kay noynoy ug ambot sa mga pinoy na niboto ni erap..

    anyway...i will really register na gyud sa 2016 and vote for of now..i'll just have to pray that nothing harmful will happen to the philippines under noynoy's regime and that may he served the country in a good mental condition haha...GO GIBO!!!! nyaha

  15. Hello Vernz

    I too, was totally heart broken that Gibo lost - as expected. But I strongly believe na hindi sayang ang boto natin kay Gibo.

    I was in disbelief when I saw that Erap ranked on the 2nd..huh?! Dami pa din talagang bobong pinoy. (Sorry for the term) I am just somehow thankful to Noynoy that at least hindi nakapasok si Erap.

    It's too early to judge Noynoy's admin. I could only wish Philippines good luck ifor the next six years.

    Have a good day Vernz!
    Every Thought Counts

  16. wow they extended the voting time that late! at least dahil sa pcos almost tapos na ang counting and we have sure winners unlike before inaabot ng 15 years!!!!

  17. Sad to know that PCOS didn't work for you. So patas tayo di naka-experience ng system na yan.
    Well, regarding the winning team, looks like the tandem is good. The country needs leaders of solid integrity, not necessarily the brightest ones who may be smart in corrupting as well. Binay's track record has made him win and he deserves to let the bigger number of Filipinos what he has let Makati people enjoy now.


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