... Yeah, we’re finally down to the last four days of waiting for my son’s summer dance recital, I’m dead sick already hearing loud music every morning until evening, and on top of everything the theatre school recital fee is killing me, but I’m taking a friend’s advise not to mind about the fee but think of what this performance can do to heighten a child’s confidence, OK, you got me there.

A child learning special skills is a universal trend, although parents play the most important role in the process, 21st century society provides a setting of specialization, children can choose whatever field of skill specialization they prefer and inclined into.

All over the world, great schools in the field of arts, music and the like offer the most comprehensive programs to cater to every child’s needs, there is Summer school London that offers a well-rounded and wide-ranging academic and extra-academic programs that will shape every child into a most productive, creative and good individuals of the future society. How I wish there are Skola Schools also around our area, at least my children can try having educated with this institution. For the time being, I’ll settle for what’s around here.

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  1. education today very costly.

  2. ako naman ay busy din sa swimming ni Mj haist I have to wake up at 5:30 am just to prepare the food for her


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