We had this oven toaster as a wedding gift 11 years ago, it’s a Kyowa KW 318, and by the looks of it you could tell this baby has served its bosses well. But this cooking gadget of ours also has made me jump out of the bed the other day.

I was taking an afternoon nap, when my eldest shouted to his lungs delight, fire in the house! From his voice I can tell he was not joking, dizzy me jump out of the bed and headed to the kitchen, true enough this toaster was burning. I immediately take the rubber potholder and pulled out the plug. Gosh, he got me there, a mom’s mouth started to blabber while putting the fire off, along with a burnt hotdog.

Investigation showed that he just put the hotdog on the grill without the pan, so the oily drippings of the hotdog caught a fire and eventually blow it out of the toaster. It’s not the first time he has used this cooking tool, some negligence caused it to, and a sleeping tired mom, blamed herself for teaching independence.

Anyway, I’m considering of buying a new one and I’m scouting some information of what is latest and bears quality, where else but the internet and eventually stumble on this blog that offers ratings of digital toaster ovens you can get online. Looking at the quality of the cooking gadget you will be buying is a major factor to consider especially having children at home, of course other the most important thing which during that day slip out of my sleepy mind, supervision.


  1. That's scary. Thanks God, you were quick enough to manage the situation. I can't imagine you blogging about your house on fire. Take care next time.

  2. oh nice.. but I don't have this type.

  3. May mura toaster sa Lucky 99 store's Ateh hehe..P700 lng ata...kaya lang "barato dali sira" hehehe

  4. oh my gosh...that was scary....ayay! time to buy another one...ehehehhe!

  5. scary! wag na lang mag toast :-( ikamamatay ko kung may sakit ako sa puso, he he!

  6. OH MY! Good thing you were quick enough to put the fire out! I have a 4 year old who loves to tinker around in the kitchen with me. So far, he hasn't tried working there without me and hopefully he won't just yet!


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