I was telling my son, maybe in a not so distant future, you will then be seeing carabaos in resin and not moving… like these two … hope not.

The carabao (Filipino: kalabaw; Malay: kerbau) or Bubalus bubalis carabanesis is a domesticated subspecies of the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) found in the Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and various parts of Southeast Asia. Carabaos are associated with farmers, being the farm animal of choice for pulling both a plow and the cart used to haul produce to the market (courtesy of

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  1. Marvelous watery reflections, Vernz! I do hope the carabao survives! So many animals are on the verge of extinction and it is so sad! Have a great weekend!


  2. Nice reflections Vernz.
    Happy weekend.

  3. That's very pretty; I have to go and read more about carabao now though -- new word to me!

    I read you post on top of this one too -- and yikes! that is too bad about the electricity brownout.

  4. Hello Vernz!

    Nice reflection shot. Kadumdum ko sa una kusog kaayo ko mosakay..hehehe

  5. Great reflection shot. kadumdum ko sa una kusog kaayo ko mosakay ug carabao hehehe

  6. wawa ang kabaw..nanigas na ..hehe joke..

    bitaw Vernz, salamat sa comment sa akong nostalgia..maygani wa nako apila nga nawong sa ako boss kay murag gold fish ang mata..nyahaha

    sa maynila to Vernz kay didto man ko graduate..hehe

    naa na mi diha sa June 1 sa gabii hehehe

  7. As there's much green around there might be as well enough hope.

    Please have a nice Sunday.

    daily athens

  8. Oh dear, the kerbau has mutiated to be so small. These water lettuce, in Borneo they harvest them to feed pig.

  9. Nice tree reflections. The real carabao ride brings back old memories...hehehehe, gamiton to ug daro sa baul!

  10. What a nice looking place. It would be wonderful to enjoy reflections there.


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