I was at first so very hesitant to come up with a blog, I was thinking the computer might blow should I tweak and click those words with little hands, but when I started; I never thought it would be this fun, eh!

And now I’m flying my fifth baby. Finally, after so much deliberation it has been decided, LOL! My fifth blog will be named, TABLE FOR FIVE. It was Food, Culture and Me at the beginning but my husband and everybody around here has been protesting that it is so academically sounding, so I decided to drop it and named it Foodie Davao, but when I checked around there has already been blogs named Davao Foodie, Davao Foods and dropped that idea again. So now this is final, since my family has five members and this is our well-versed lines whenever we eat out, we decided to name it Table for Five, but since this came way after Paula has released the last batch of BC Bloggers, I beg your kind fingers to include this blog in your link list.

I can’t afford to hire Internet Marketing Company to do this job for me, but I’m positive with your support guys, this blog will rise from the ranks.

Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. Well, I'm already a follower of Table for Five, Vernz.

  2. wow! congrats ate vernz sa imong fifth baby! hehehe! dili halata nga adik kaayo ka sa blogging bah... LOL! bisita pud ko sa imong new nga blog. ;-)


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