A friend called this morning telling me that her brother’s son was in the hospital and they need several bags of blood for transfusion. A crazy-busy mom told about this shocking story in a morning where you still have lots of things at hand would somehow made your adrenalin rush. Apparently, they were got caught by the police drag racing somewhere along Diversion Road of this city and they hurried out of the area, unfortunately, he was sideswiped by a speedy trailer truck that made the accident.

A mom’s mouth in the morning hurriedly told my son, to stop his obsession with motor bike racing, well, he’s not engage into drag racing yet as he is still a minor, but me and my morbid thinking, just a sort of a reminder that this thing can land you in a hospital and worst you will be seeing San Pedro sooner than expected and I told him to please don’t let me beg for blood. Huh!

But I don’t know he’s really a big fan of Dirt Bike Races that made me worry all the more. Anyway, I was not able to donate blood, it was all dried up after he told me the entire story, if my blood was type B then I could have dragged myself to Red Cross, but my blood is damn dried blue. Thanks for dropping by everyone on this side of town.


  1. I have a friend whose son he lost sa drag racing ng car sa macapagal avenue. For all they knew nasa house ng classmate nag aaral only to find out na naaccident na pala at nasa morgue na...this is isad

  2. Yes, Vernz, you're blue-blood. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog. And yes, I'm selling those condos and houses so if you know anyone who might be interested, my numbers are in the blog post. Thanks again.

  3. Young people, adventurous and no fear of pain and death, it's the parents that suffer, if only they knew how painful for us, parents to accept those things.

  4. My son is 13, and I hope he confines his racing to those on PSP and his computer...


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