We were passing by this pet store along Magsaysay St. when my son told me to stop for a while as he wanted to see some hermit crabs. While waiting outside I got amazed by the figurines inside the aquarium, I was trying to capture a photo of myself with a mermaid figurine inside the aquarium, but I'm still learning how to use my handy Olympus T100, (well the thing I bought with what was left after all the tuition fees of my school buddies has been paid) there's a bit of a disappointment since I thought it did not turn out the way I thought it would, but when I uploaded it to my computer, ahhh I amaze myself eh!

This is me with the yellow carps and blue ice

my curious son with the arowana

and our ever beloved Traffic Officer captured through, nyahahah!

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  1. Great, colorful reflections for the day! Clever shots, Vernz! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hindi kita mahitsurahan Ate Vernz..hehehe

  3. hello, visiting here tonight sis. take care always

  4. Hi Vernz, it's good that you're back from that short DSL problem.


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