Finally, after culling out my murky brain I remembered who, and not where, borrowed my missing book, harassed my husband to drive for me and headed to the borrowers house close to the middle of the night and successfully beat the three hour deadline of test questions submission and Walla! I’m back online.

But yesterday was really a day. Two of my students just dropped out, this pretty lady, the boys keep saying awww no more pretty girl, came to me sobbing saying she’s dropping out of school due to family problems. Another was this awesome guy, I call him that, coming in to class in gelled hair every single day, told me he’s dropping his Statistics class due to teacher problem. But when I talked to the concerned teacher apparently this student was just having some Statistics problems and need help.

I understand how this student feel, when I was in college then I also got a ‘have mercy grade’ on statistics, but come-on boy this is the twenty first century, you can have Statistics tutor even way at the other side of the world, getting Statistics help now is just as easy as 1 2 3. There are online tutorials like TutorVista for instance not only for statistics but for all subjects and they are available round the clock, and what is more amazing, they offer cheap and they provide demo for first time users.

So there that was how my day came to be yesterday, thanks for dropping by.


  1. sis want invite you to take part

    hope you mention in post referred by sherry :D

  2. And the days when my hubby could tutor some dysfunctional kids for big bucks to supplement his meager earnings during national service (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscription_in_Singapore) are probably numbered...


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