I’m having some bad times over Blogger’s Comment issues here; I hope this will be fixed soon. If you are having same problem as mine, where you cannot see your moderated comments, you cannot see your own comment … you can report it here … …. And updates will be posted on this site …


Meantime, I run out of wits again … ahhh! Gosh, I know I live in a land where there’s always tomorrow, geographically speaking, but why do I have to work like there’s no more tomorrow? Anyway, I’m sharing this for my Wordless Wednesday, Oh how can this be wordless … Thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town.

P.S. This maybe too much to ask, but can you do me a favor to please leave a comment to test whether Blogger has fixed this comment problem. I did not moderate comments anymore … I’ll get back to you, Promise! Thank You!


  1. Test... bantay lang jud ka .. commenta ka!

  2. I also have this kind of captured before with my friend and it was so awesome, you did a good job as well, cheers vernz hehehe be daw beh atong tan awon kung ok na ang comment lol

  3. hahhaha.....nakatok uroy ning blogger te ani ang result pag mag update!

    word filled imong wednesday te....ganahan ko sa pic..nice kau!

    salamat sa dalaw te ha...sensya na karon lang jud ko naka laag...pero dige man ko hapit dire mag adgi....busy lang jud ko!

  4. Hi Vernz;) excellent shadow (WW) capture. Your comments are obviously fixed now. I've just noticed that apart from following my daily blog (memorablemeanders) you have also followed my other blog Biking Chronicles. I apologise that I've never posted on it. I have had an article published (in a magazine in South Africa) which is about what I would have posted on this blog. (See my post today) I hope to have more articles about our biking trips published so will not be allowed to publish them elsewhere. Even on a blog. Thanks for your regular visits. I enjoy your blog so much and hope to be a better visitor and commentor once I return to Khartoum from my holiday in South Africa. Bless you dear friend. Jo

  5. My girl is having problems too with those comments. Her site shows a certain number comments but when clicked will only show fewer. Hope Google can fix that soon.

    BTW, I like your photo.

  6. @ Anne, gurl salamat sa laag... returned the favor.. hehehe!

  7. @ Dhemz... Ok ra oi... no pressure darling ...

    @ CaptainRunner, I guess Ok na.. parang nakikita ko na comments ko hahah!

  8. @ Jo, OMG, you really have accomplished so much these past months... wishing you good luck JO.. see you around..

  9. love the shadow Ms. Vernz.

    ahay, you're from Dvo right? unta mag-EB ang mga bloggers diri noh? I haven't met any blogger from Dvo except for my sister.LOL.

    oppsss...wala diay option for name/url sa comment. nag-tikaw2x ko diri gikan sa ako blog Life's Lessons


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