Off all the past-times that I have been through, blogging has been the most rewarding and exciting one. My hesitations at first were turned into something that is now part of my everyday life.

It is common knowledge that you can build a blog under a free platform in no time, but nothing can be more gratifying than having your own domain, flying a blog under your own domain gives you that proud feeling that hey I own this and I can do whatever I wanted to do with this blog.

Just like there are many free platforms that can host your blog, there are also various sites that offer their services to host your own domain website, but only few gives you that fulfilling and secure feeling that your blog’s platform is in good hands, here I can recommend you webhosting hub, it’s the easiest way to get online, reliable, they offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and the most important of all they’re support service can be accessed 24/7. So if you’re on your way to building a site now, consider webhosting hub.


  1. wow so nice! dapat doble jud pud ang bayad ani sa webhosting hub ate.. heheheh! sa inpostlink ni sya ate bah ?

  2. Hey, Vernz, I'm contemplating on creating another blog and I want it to be more professional by setting it up in my own domain. Well, contemplating pa lang.


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