I got a surprise call last night from a long lost friend, she was my colleague back when I was still actively doing productive work, but apparently she too has settled doing reproductive work with an American husband in Missouri.

It’s always a good feeling talking to friends you’ve never heard for a long time, she already has a baby and so sad their baby is sickly and since she’s away from her family and her husband’s family is living at the opposite side of the USA, she has to deal with mothering ordeals alone. I can feel for her, adjusting having a family and to an environment different from home, she mentioned in particular the weather, especially when it’s down below zero, I think even those who are used to it still got depressed at times dealing with this situation, glad there are entities that makes every one’s life a lot easier, she said they have to contract Heating Service Temecula to avert bracing cold.

Well, having a sickly baby in a cold weather, one should think first about making the surroundings appropriate for dwelling. But one thing is sure; she’s getting a hang of it and seems like enjoying the pains and pleasures of being a mom.

So long, thanks for dropping by on this side of town.

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